The bit about me

I’m just an ordinary single, working mum living with my teenage son in South East England.  I’ll call him the manchild here because he’s legally a man but he’s still my child and he’s still got some growing up to do. He’s a work in progress, as are we all. He’s got his faults and I’ve got mine and we muddle through the best we know how. I like to think I added just enough dysfunction to his life to make him interesting. He adds just enough to mine to slowly turn my hair grey strand by strand. 

I dunno if you’ll be interested in what I write but I like typing and I needed somewhere to type to, so here I am. I guess it’s sorta like a diary and a thinktank and a grumble bin and a space to rant all rolled into one. If I rant here it saves me doing it all over actual real life people who might actually get peed off with me. If you know me, there’s a chance you might end up immortalised within these words. All names will/have been changed  (including my own) to protect everyone’s privacy… cos I’m nice like that. Please be nice like that too if you leave a comment. 

So …. enter at your own risk.

Bear in mind that this blog is my cubbyhole, a place for me to escape and grumble in… for my sanity of course


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