Virgin, you SUCK at customer care.

Published August 7, 2012 by KalamityK

As this is my place to rant, I’m gonna rant right now….. before my internet provider cuts me off, which is probably just hours away from happening. I imagine I’ll be cut off by morning. They’ve already restricted my landline. 

I’m late paying my bill. I’m always late paying my bill and it’s on principle. I’ve been a customer with Virgin for at least 15 years, probably longer. When I moved home two years ago, I stayed with Virgin. What happened was that they changed me over from Virgin Media to Virgin National. I didn’t get a choice. Since then their customer service has been shockingly bad. I don’t give a stuff which department takes my money. As far as I’m concerned as a customer, it’s all Virgin. The bonus goes to Richard Branson, end of.

The problem with Virgin National is that they claim they are trying to be a paperless company, so they don’t send out bills. I always got one with Virgin Media. I want a bill! I could go online to view the bill but I ALWAYS have problems signing in on their crappy website so now I’ve given up trying. It’s too much aggro. I’d even accept a bill via email but despite being adamant that they DO send me an email with the bill every month, I’ve yet to receive one. They do however, send out a reminder letter every month telling me that I haven’t paid my bill and telling me how much I owe, plus I get  junkmail every bloody month without fail from them. Virgin, don’t go on about being paperless all the time you insist on sending crap I don’t want through my letterbox. If they can send out a letter and junkmail EVERY month then they are NOT paperless, so why not just send a bloody bill?  It doesn’t make sense! When I get that letter with the amount on it, I then phone up and pay my bill. Every month. Without fail. For the last two years.

The letter didn’t come this month. Now I’m screwed.  I pay my bills with cash or I use my top up credit card to pay over the phone or online. It’s perfect for me.  Now they’re telling me that my services are getting cut off and won’t be reinstated until I set up a direct debit. I haven’t paid anything by direct debit for over 5 years. I don’t use the kind of account that I can do that. I tried to pay my bill today but they sent out the next bill yesterday (except they don’t send out bills) so my outstanding balance is now over 100 quid. I don’t have the funds to pay two bills at once so I’m screwed. I’ll soon have no services, am in debt to the tune of over £115 and will continue to get NO services until I set up a direct debit, EVEN if I pay what I owe. They’re telling me to set up a DD via a family or friends’ account and then cancel it two days later. That’s absolutely stupid. Why should I have to involve other people who are nothing to do with it? Just change the damn system. You managed to sort it in order to keep me as a customer two years ago Virgin so why not now?

The thing is, everything they’re telling me is in the terms and conditions so I haven’t got a leg to stand on. I just think they should take better care of their customers. There should be more than one option to get people reinstated, particularly taking into account the  amount of time I’ve been a loyal customer and the fact that I’ve paid my bill every month and never missed a payment. It just  feels like they don’t give a f*%&. Let’s face it, they don’t. I’ve just realised I can probably set up a direct debit on my top up credit card. It runs out next month and becomes null and void so good luck trying to take an actual payment from it. Looks like I have no option. But I still can’t pay them what they want for another two weeks. 

Shame on you Virgin!  As soon as I’ve paid them off, I’m leaving. They can kiss my derrière if they think they’re getting another penny out of me. It’s just a shame my pathetic few £s each month isn’t gonna put a dent in anyone’s bonus. They won’t even notice it’s gone.   

On top of all that, that bloody manchild has drunk my last bottle of cider! Is it too much to ask that my one treat is where I left it when I get home from work? You want cider, go out and buy your own! Grrrrrrr. It’s not even Monday. 


5 comments on “Virgin, you SUCK at customer care.

  • It turns out that the supervisor I spoke to was a total lying jobsworth. I’ve now paid my bill and been reinstated without having to set up a direct debit. The man I spoke to to pay the bill didn’t even mention DD. He just took the payment and told me I’m back on. I told him they never actually cut me off in the first place but when he checked the computer, it said I had no services. But I did. I had internet and minimal phone. All they did was switch my landline to incoming calls only. It makes you wonder at the level of competence if they can’t even cut you off properly! Not that I’m complaining. It suited me just fine. I rarely make calls at home and it stopped the manchild calling his mates on their mobiles and costing me a small fortune. I’m still leaving. I just need to get myself organised to do it.

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