Is it bedtime yet?

Published June 24, 2012 by KalamityK

Gosh. You know sometimes, you just have ‘one of those days’. Yup, well, today was ‘one of those days’. I went to bed last night determined to get up fresh, whack some music on full blast and get on with the housework.

Because I work during the week, I resent doing housework in the evenings. Once 6pm comes around, no housework gets done. As far as I’m concerned evenings are for relaxing and winding down. So the mess builds up and then the weekend happens. At least one of these days is set aside to blitz the flat. 

Well today started off not great the second I woke up. This was due to discovering that the ATM machine I was standing in front of, that was spitting money at me, wasn’t actually real. It was just a dream, brought on by too many discussions last night about money with the manchild and an article online about a generous cashpoint giving out £20’s instead of £10’s. Dammit. 

The morning improved slightly when the manchild offered to cook breakfast. Yum. He’s a pretty good cook. Bacon, egg, sausage, beans…. That almost made up for the dream not being real.

So we had a slow start to the day. Definitely no loud music, just the tv and clips of epic fails on youtube, while we had brekkie. Eventually, I got up to get started.

I couldn’t put it off any longer. I got the lounge done while manchild started on his room.  Within a few minutes of hitting the kitchen mess, I hear my name being called from the hallway. It’s the manchild. He’s put the washing machine on and for some  reason it’s started spewing water everywhere! Fantastic! A waterfall was gushing out of the powder drawer, rushing down the front of the machine in great torrents, totally flooding all the laminate flooring. Marvellous!

So rather than doing the housework that was already there waiting patiently for my attention, we had to find towels, sheets, mops, anything and everything big enough and thirsty enough to soak up the h2o now gracing my hallway. (The washing machine lives in a cupboard in the hallway rather than being noisy and obnoxious in the open plan kitchen). 

I can’t get at all the water because it’s gone underneath the laminate. That’ll have to come up. But not yet. It’s all sticky under there so I can’t pull it up until I have something to replace it. One day! For now though, it’ll just have to dry out over the next few days. 

By the time that was more or less cleaned up, it was time to go and collect the bedbase that a friend was giving me. I had to throw mine out cos I broke it whilst trying to move it. From then on it squeaked. As if merely looking at it caused it pain. You only had to shift your bum a smidge to get more comfy and the bloody thing started squeaking like you were doing acrobatic karma sutra moves on it! I wouldn’t have minded but it just reminded me of how single I am!

So dad came and got me and then we went and got the bed. We took it back to mine and dad went off to do dad stuff. I proceeded to put the pieces of the puzzle together. It wasn’t too difficult. I’m pretty good at flatpack furniture. (IKEA, I heart you!) There were a couple of screws to be put in awkward places and no amount of effort or perseverence on my part would get the flipping allan key into the tiny space given to turn these screws, so they are still looser than I’d like. Fingers crossed I won’t find myself at some point in a crumpled heap at the bottom of a collapsed bed! Should that happen though, you’ll be the first to know!

It took me about 40 minutes to finish the puzzle that is now my bed. I’ve rolled all over it. Thrown myself this way and that, bounced up and down on it… and still no squeak!  The proof of the squeaking is in the sleeping, but I’m hoping for good things. Anything has to be an improvement on the last couple of months involving me, the floor and a mattress. 

All that’s left to do now is all the housework I didn’t get around to doing this morning!

Now, where did I put those marigolds?! 


4 comments on “Is it bedtime yet?

  • One of those days, eh? 🙂

    House work is what it is…something that eventually has to be done for sanity reasons and peace of mind. And as you say, it’s not going anywhere…it really isn’t 🙂

    I’ve often thought of a business idea of mine…and that is ‘hire a dwarf’…perfect for moments like this. While you’re busy doing the other things, like building a bed or mending the washing machine…your house gets cleaned by a little dude who you hardly see. Perfect I think!!!

    Look, I’m tired and need to get to bed…but the football’s on. And now it’s extra time too. I hope it goes well for you…both in the football and the eventual housework!

    I enjoyed this post…and the humorous pics add a touch of class 🙂

    • Thanx Slapppshot… I suddenly remembered I’d thrown my marigolds in the bin yesterday so the housework will just have to wait. As you say, it aint going nowhere! For starters, I haven’t hired one of your dwarves to come and blitz the place. Good idea, that one. I’m first in the queue!
      Football’s still on. Ho hum. I’m not a fan and yet, it’s now on my tv. Penalties now… I don’t mind watching these, they’re slightly more interesting!

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